Objectives of Laboratory – Back to the BASICs

Our motto is “Back to the Basics”. That means beginning with ABC to resolve problems. And to go up higher level need to know the basis definitely. Under the motto, we research on all most things to connect with industrial engineerings. Especially, by securing the foundation, we can not only plan strategies about collaboration but also operate them effectively and efficiently in the manufacturing system.

Innovative Manufacturing System & Strategy

Research Area

We research on all most things to relate with industrial engineering. And we does researches on methodologies of researching & developing new high-technological products and endeavoring at constructing a flexible-strategy-system-based Korean Manufacturing Information System which enables integrating entire manufacturing system from designing and manufacturing to management, through information network system. Also, we are doing researches on theories and methodologies for transforming the information from a drawing of a product into the information of manufacturing, and on improving productivity, machinability, manufacturability, assemblability and testability by taking product modeling, dimensions, allowances, surface roughness, material’s properties, calculation of tool paths into account. And the laboratory is also doing studies on concepts and essential solutions of varied methodologies for integrating Manufacturing System and is focusing on Concurrent Engineering, Product Life-cycle Management, Product Data Management and Real-Time Enterprise which of all are contributing to a new paradigm of manufacturing system.

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